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Jobs Posted a Month: 2,700

Applications Received Via Jobs Éire Recruitment : 300 per Day

Applications Directed Externally : 1,000 per Day



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Our dynamic approach to job search and identification of fresh talent across functions and sectors is all provided as standard when you use Jobs Ireland We bring a fresh and dynamic approach to job search. With our unique search model we deliver a fresh new pool of talent that is diverse, inspiring and drawn from a truly country-wide/ European stage.
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Our some twenty thousand viewers daily will have the opportunity to view and apply, you can re-post the position during the 30 days of the account.


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  • Top Category listing and featured logo position
  • Intelligent job alerts, industry and skill specific
  • Manually Filtered applications
  • Re-advertisement of your position

30 days for EUR 100.00.




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One of your jobs will always be top listed on the homepage thus branding your company, we will target our CV database for the skill-set you require, i.e ISO9001 Antrim ACCA; promote the job position to job aggregate sites; list your position with job boards that are specialists in your career sector and social media avenues.

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  • Your position will be indexed on JobsIreland, Indeed JobsDoneDealand other partner sites.
  • HR Account Your HR Account is a yearly job posting account and is supported via +353 1 443 4312.

1 year for EUR 400.00.

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